Evol Morg consists of brothers Robby and Casey Earle from Oakdale, California. The two grew up living very active lifestyles and enjoy skiing and fishing. Always musically inclined, the brothers realized their passion for transforming the sounds of everyday life into rhythmic beats that inspire dance and can provide an escape for all who listen.

Robby grew up playing various instruments, but was drawn to the drums in the likes of personal heroes Travis Barker and Neil Peart. He spent countless hours behind his kit learning the ins and outs of harmony and melody, mixing drumbeats in the classic AM vinyl technique, and unknowingly laying the bricks for his future foundation as an artist. As the world of music morphed into a synthetic box, Robby transferred his skills to the computer where music knows no bounds and one is truly free to produce the sounds inside their own head.

Growing up, Casey was passionate about music and played the guitar, but was unaware of the massive impact it would have on his life until on a sabbatical in the mountains of Tahoe. There amongst the snow and trees, his eyes opened to the world of electronic music as he heard it calling him loud and clear with idol Umek blasting through his headphones. Casey recognized the potential behind the brothers’ skills, and Evol Morg was formed.

The brothers reunited in Santa Barbara, California where they currently reside and are working on a debut EP expected out later this year. The musical style of Evol Morg consists of an eclectic mixture of booty tech funk, blended with rolling 808s, and with hints of tech house drums. They relate their style to artists like Claude vonStroke, Fedde Le Grand, Aaron Snapes, and all others pioneering the field. Evol Morg invites you to journey with them on their mission to translate to the world music that can speak to the soul.

After Sharing the stage with so many friends at Lucidty Festival, eVoL Morg continues to bring something a bit different than the average Joe.
Opening for Names such as; Clockwork, J-Phlip, Christian Martin, Juaqin Bamaca, Sex Pixels, and Ruffhauser. Hit us up : )