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Placebo effect or not- this music f e e l s so good!

West Coast producer and DJ, Sugarpill has been delighting fans with what seems like a constant stream of shows for months now. Recently performing at The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle music festival, Sugarpill has started the year extremely strong and continues to add festivals and shows to this year’s repertoire.

The Los Angeles based music mogul does not subscribe to any specific genre, but you can be certain that his original tracks & live sets will carry a quality and seamlessness that surpasses a great deal of talented artists.


Congratulations on your recent successes! Playing at Coachella is huge for any artist. How was that experience for you?
Thanks, I really love playing at Coachella. There’s something I really like about the fact that people go there for something very mainstream and can discover something completely new and different than they would have come across otherwise. I get really stoked on that when I’m working on music leading up to my performance.

The music you make is very unique. If you had to classify it as a “genre”, what would you call it?
Im not really a big fan of the way genres work in electronic music… i always end up feeling like when something becomes a genre in EDM, doors start shutting on new ideas and doors start opening for things that just repeat the basic things… I’ll leave it to someone else to make up a genre for my music… in the meantime i’ll just keep writing songs and having fun.

Where do you usually find inspiration for you music?
I’ve always really liked the way hip/hop albums can sample from a different vibe and feel on every track for a whole hour and still work. I use that idea as kind of the guide for what I do, so I’m always looking for new sounds that I can’t put down for some reason. I need to be trying to figure something out or learn something new for ideas to really develop in a way that’s fun for me.

You and Gladkill have been hitting it hard with your Foundations Recordings Tour. How has the response been?
I couldn’t be more stoked on how well the new label launch and tour has been received. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s so crazy and sweet to see an idea develop into something that can reach so many different people in different places and be a part of that.

Your label is called “Foundations Recordings”…Any particular meaning behind it?
We called the label foundations because we’re into music that uses all of the core elements of music and not just one or two of them. You can build a lot more from a complete foundation than you can from one or two pieces of the whole and we wanted our label to be a solid platform for new artists if they’re into that sort of thing.

Any upcoming collaborations you can tell us about?
Working on some new stuff with Gladkill… I like getting in the studio with him even if we’re just playing around because we help each other think about things in there differently. Our sounds are similar in a lot of ways but we’ve usually got a different approach to whatever we’re playing around with.

How has your music progressed over the years?
I think I’ve gotten better at giving ideas space sometimes so it’s easier to hear them and recognize what’s going on. I used to just weave too many counterpoints together at a time for anyone who hasn’t listened as many times as me to even have a shot at trying to tease out. A lot of

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I’m just finishing up my latest release that will be out on Foundations Recordings in Mid-July. I’m really stoked about how it’s come together. I’ve had a lot of time to play around with the songs on it and see how different crowds react to different parts of it and then go back in to make it something I’m even more pumped on. This one is a pretty big step in my production and execution of musical ideas, so definitely stay tuned for that one. You can hear some sneak peeks of it on my Coachella set that I just posted.

What will be a main focus for you in 2014?
Putting out more music instead of hoarding it all for my live set!

Interview questions by Justin Kolich


A man of his word, Sugarpill just released a rework of ScHoolboy Q’s “Man Of The Year” and we are extremely grateful he isn’t “hoarding” it 😉

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Also download Sugarpill’s Coachella set and catch those killer “sneak peaks” we are all dying to hear & re-hear

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