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Bright, wavy, and groovy, we funking love Defunk’s production, especially when he gets down on some of our favorite older tunes!

Funk is literally the heart and soul of so many genres of music- take the original version of “Pony,” it was funky as fuck, listen to it. There is an air of coolness and ease with funk, it’s extremely well-balanced and easy to listen to, leaving a very pleasant taste in your mouth and satisfying tinge in your bod.

Has anyone else noticed the serious resurgence of “Pony” remixes hitting the interwebs this past year, not even just “Pony,” Ginuwine tracks alone? Not to sure as to why producers and DJs latch on too trending 90s/early 00 tracks like leeches, but that seems to be a consistent path for a lot of artists, creating a low-key competition among themselves as none of us want to listen, let alone download, 10 versions of the same track. Don’t get me wrong, ya’ll, “Pony” is a great track to resurge and lucky for Defunk, he’s a top pick for this edit, if not numero uno.

Jump on it:
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