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Undoubtedtly one of our family’s favorite artists of last year, An-Ten-Nae continues to enchant us with pristine production and outstanding performances.

2014 looks static-free for An-Ten-Nae as he plans to release a new EP with current project LowRIDERz and continues to unveil his mysterious new project, Dimond Saints.


Let me start by saying, “Bravo!” Acid Crunk is not only your originally coined genre, but a huge movement hitting the West Coast. What did you originally envision bringing to the scene with Acid Crunk?

Great music that knows no bounds or is shackled to a stereotype.

How would you describe Acid Crunk? Where are its roots?

Its roots are in Southern 808 hip-hop and acid house techno and the merging of the two.

Did you imagine it would blow up like this?

I just enjoy making music so much. It makes me happy people enjoy what I do.

Tell me more about your sub-genre, Medicine Crunk. Your long awaited mixtape was filled with originals and remixes none of us had heard before…the Lorde remix, though!

I wanted an outlet to put something out that was a bit lighter and deeper…and the way I see it, music is my medicine.

What can we expect in the future with the Crunk series?

I am taking a break from the series this year to focus on Dimond Saints and new LowRIDERz music.

Can you tell me about Dimond Saints?

I wanted to create a project that had no preconceptions of what it is or could be. Something mysterious, soulful, and full of love…from that idea came the Dimond Saints.

Your first show with Releece was incredible…How did you two link up?

Thanks. Reece and I have been friends for a bit. He lives down the street from me in the Dimond District of Oakland.

What is the process like for you two working together?

We play tag. Seriously though, we just inspire each other and complement each other’s writing style. It seems like every song just keeps getting better and better. On some days, at like 4 in the morning, we have this look in our eyes of…Yes.

 You have multiple successful projects going on at once. What will be your main focus in 2014?

Right now I am focusing on Dimond Saints. Our album Shingetsu is coming out- well at least the first chapter. For LowRIDERz, we are working on a new EP with this killer vocalist Ava Raiin that we are super excited about.


We’re super excited too.

For now, check out An-Ten-Nae’s newest project with Releece- Dimond Saints.

Currently they are mid-way through releecing Shingetsu, meaning disambiguation. The duo has been gifting a free track every day since February 10th and will continue to do so until the full moon on February 14th.

Wreaking of sex and mystery, download yesterday’s addition, “The Rising” on and continue to follow the signs <3

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