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Counting down the last days until “Crossroads” Lucidity can be stressful! Packing the right clothing for unpredictable weather, making sure your headlamps are ready to rock for hours, meal prep, crafting, getting those gifts ready… tis the season ya’ll!

To help you close up those loose ends and at least feel like you are prepared, we have a three simple tips to make your weekend fun, comfortable, and conscious.

First things first, weather. Santa Barbara is pretty temperate, but the nights can be surprisingly cold. Make sure to bring boots, plenty of socks, mittens and a warm hat or scarf to keep toasty throughout the night. Lucidity offers a Silent Disco for those of you who like to get groovy late night, but after about 2AM the temp drops significantly for the next few hours.

Next, water and food. Lucidity has water stations around the festival. Make sure to bring reusable water bottle to eliminate plastic bottle waste. Bring your own cups, bowls, plates, and silverware for grubbing- the food vendors encourage and appreciate this. Meal prep is an awesome way to cut back on food costs and ensure you are eating what you know your body needs.

Last, plan ahead for your camp’s trash situation. Trashcans are an easy way to localize camp trash and keep it contained. Large, pop-up laundry hampers work beautifully. Try to make signs for your recycling, trash, and compost so everyone is on the same page. If you smoke, bring an empty Altoid container to put those butts in.

Though brief, once you have the above points checked off your list, it’s pretty much smooth sailing with the promise of a good time from there on out.

Though some festival patrons are lucky enough to call Santa Barbara their home, others are commuting from all over CA. To kill the inevitable anxiety as we await our Lucid journey, we have been releasing a mix a week featuring artists from Music is Love’s Nomad’s Stage. Starting with San Francisco’s Sex Pixels, we have taken you to Utah with X&G, to central CA with LA’s with Wood Holly, and now back to the Bay with Queen Dirtybird, J.Phlip.

It is pretty safe to say that J.Phlip (AKA Jessica Phillippe) has secured the spot as everyone’s favorite house-loving princess, and if not, it’s probably because you haven’t been #blessed enough to see this superstar behind the decks. Snagging her first DJ rig at the tender age of 19, Illinois-born Phillippe started making a name for herself in Chicago. In 2008, J.Phlip signed with Dirtybird, often seen opening for heavy hitter Papa Claude. Driven and full of life, it wasn’t long before J.Phlip was traveling the world, residing in Berlin for a bit she acquired a fresh sound to bring back to the Bay. Coming back to the States at the perfect time, when Dirtybird was finally getting the recognition it deserved, worldwide.

J.Phlip’s sets are always ones to look out for. She plays off the environment creating a personal and rather intimate experience with her listeners. Whether that be breakbeat, tech-house, or the deepest shit you can find, this babe will not let you down, and will feed into your audio desires.

If J.Phlip is anything, it’s versatile, Jess just gets it. Her exclusive mix for “Crossroads” shows her range as an artist making you wonder, “How many tracks does she have in her library?!” A softer side of house, indie-inspired, enchanting, and fanciful, while still incorporating that funky bass you crave, transiting to worldly tech-house, gently picking up the tempo to soulful house. Easy listening, you can play this out wherever and whenever.

Grab our last promo mix for Lucidity 2016 and if you haven’t purchased tickets to the event, grab them here.

[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Track list:

01  T_A_M – esthar

02  justin martin – hello clouds (feat. femme)

03  ??? (upcoming on omnidisc)

04  silvestre – floresta

05  kenton slash demon – dok

06  bruce – steals

07  bwana – muscle power’s final hours

08  justin martin – midnight (feat. christian martin)

09  leon vynehall – paradisea

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