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Taking the same turn, but at different times, two California producers independently head to Salt Lake City as they begin to come into their own as artists.

After linking up through their Salt Lake City based label, Damn Son!, the two began collaborating together, finding common ground in the fact that they both offered a unique sound to the label.

Christian Williams AKA Xian, has truly developed as an artist these past few years, beginning his career dabbling in hard-hitting DnB, now to a more chilled-out, progressive sound, mentioning that, “there’s so much new daly content online, it’s hard not to hear something fresh that turns your head [. . .] These days I just want to make weird stuff.”

Aaron Spasiano, or Gaszia, began seriously producing back in 2012. Meeting Xian was a positive turning point for him as a producer, stating, “My workflow has evolved drastically over the last couple years since meeting Xian. He showed me an entirely different approach to music creating.”

Though each artist have their individual project, the two have been working almost exclusively together as of late, recently releasing an album as duo, “X&G.” Xian describes the release as “a compilation of ideas, experimental content and styles we’ve messed around with since we started making music together.” The “[m]ajority of songs were made in one sitting, then put on the back burner for the remainder of the year [. . . ] We decided on some songs from the past year or so and just polished what we had” adds Gaszia.

To showcase the dynamic duo’s workflow, we asked the boys to shoot us an exclusive mixtape, and damn, were we stoked on what we heard. The enigmatic mix not only features some outstanding originals, but it is almost a 50/50 split of both house and bass music, seamlessly mixed in a way, that you are straight-up confused as how they went from one track to the next until you are fully in it.

Gaszia’s elaborate and sacred sound, paired with Xian’s futuristic flair harmonize perfectly with each other. We look forward to the projected new tracks and shows the two have planned for 2015.

Grab their exclusive mix for Music is Love and be ready to fall in love over and over again:

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Track list

1. Harikiri – I Miss You (X&G Remix)
2. X&G – 4AM
3. X&G – unreleased
4. X&G – unreleased
5. Savath y Savalas – Transportation Theme
6. Jungle – Drops
7. Boris Blenn – Dream
8. Nok Kao  – Gravity feat. Dharini Divari
9. Shigeto – First Saturn Return
10. Alt-J – Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)
11. Baauer – One Touch feat. AlunaGeorge (VIP)
12. Lxury – J.A.W.S.
13. Baauer – Boog
14. Djemba Djemba – Yah Pop
15. X&G x Highjack’d – unreleased
16. X&G – unreleased
17. X&G – Jungle Rumble
18. X&G – unreleased
19. Brenmar – Payroll feat. Calore
20. Clicks & Whistles – TAZ PUH
21. X&G – #SISU
22. Tropkillas & CRAZE! – Fire
23. Pomo – Aerobix
24. Alina Baraz – Paradise feat. Esta (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
25. Mura Masa – Shibuya
26. Stwo – Syrup
27. X&G – unreleased
28. Goldlink – Bedtime Story
29. X&G – Outro

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