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The East Bay delivers once again, kids. Residing in Oakland, composer turned producer / ” future-vintage groove-blasting maestro”, Russ Liquid, debuted his 8 track Promises EP and we love it.

As you listen through all 8 tracks, it is evident that Russ not only seeks to generate a pleasing auditory aesthetic, because as in doing so, he evokes a full sensory experience created by tripped out bass laced with live instruments.

Tracks infused with melodic live instruments and vocals fluidly transition into creepy, spaced out trip-hop tracks void of vocals- much reminiscent of Oakland producer, Thriftworks.

In previous interviews, Russ mentions his music is an offering…you can tell him how grateful you are for his gift this FRIDAY at EOS Lounge, Santa Barbara <3

“Name Your Price” for his full EP


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