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DrDr is comprised of Joe Woods, Chris Campbell, Donna Cursons and Jack Laws.  Yes, there are 4 masters behind those catchy UKG, post-dubstep tunes we’ve been shamelessly dancing along to.

I did a little research to find out how the magic works between 4 people performing as a band, but putting out UK garage. Joe and Chris work separately to come up with ideas for tracks, they then meet up to ‘DrDr’ their ideas together. Donna adds some sultry chick vocals and BAM! Bass heavy dance music.

Though their “live” element is relatively new, the four have come up with ways to keep their fans entertained. During live sets they throw Jack Laws on the drums while the boys play with keyboards, sample pads and their laptops- Donna adds that vixen vocal quality everyone enjoys- especially live.

With a sound this danceable and a live act, DrDr will have no problem bridging indie and dance kids alike.


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