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Happy Monday, lovers! Today marks the beginning of Thriftworks 3-part series of releases!

It is quite evident that one of our favorite Bay Area producers has been keeping extremely busy this past Summer, starting out his series with a staggering 14-track release . . . we had to rub our eyes out and make sure we weren’t hallucinating. Gladly, all real.

It is safe to say we have been craving his signature spooky and dark future sound since his last album, Deviation, released early Fall of last year. A beefy bass sound that is far from simple; a refreshingly new, but elemental dichotomy.

Atlas’ wide-array of samples that sound as if they were taken from far both away places and times, are executed perfectly along his trippy trademark baselines.

D o w n l o a d   P a r t   I   |   F a d e
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